Round up of gin festival

A quick round up of Saturday gin festival and our most popular gins - you may be surprised!

Saturdays Gin festival


We set off on Saturday in torrential downpours, hoping we were far enough away that the typical British weather would not follow us. 

Pleasingly we were met with blue skies and sunshine…phew.

The festival opened at 3pm and a steady influx of customers came our way.


Most were inquisitive as we were the relative newcomers there, shout out to another newcomer is Shire gin who do a lovely cherry & peppercorn gin.

Gin stand at oakley gin festival


The customers were impressed with our brand story, the selection of gins on offer and most importantly the taste, so much so we had a lot of repeat customers. Yay, thanks ladies & gents – you know who you are.

The general concensus was they were great gins. Not overpowering with juniper berries but certainly juniper led.

The favourites were definitely the Mill 630 with a premium tonic, the Lemoncello gin with a Sicilian Lemonade and the Blackberry gin with a Rosemary and black olive tonic (this is my favourite pairing for the blackberry gin)

Chai gin.


What we have found with our Chai gin is if people know what chai tea (or tea tea) is and like this then they love it as a gin, especially when paired with a ginger tonic. 

However there is still a vast majority of people who do not know what chai tea is and therefore do not know the ingredients which are blended to make this adorably spicy tea. So I will be posting about this in the near future as it is simply a lovely Indian take on British tea. 

chai & mill 630 gin by the paper mill distillery river

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Enjoy x

Emma Stanier

Brand Manager | Mother (to a fabulous daughter & a beagle)| Cocktail Lover | Sun Worshipper | Snow Angel (thanks to incompetent skiing) | World Traveller

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