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Mill 630 is a Juniper led gin.
The way a great London dry gin should be.

the making of our mill 630 gin


Our inspiration for Mill 630 gin was the 19th century London gin craze. We wanted to craft a a 40% ABV London dry, a fabulously smooth juniper led gin.  A gin which tastes great neat over ice or mixed with a premium tonic.

The Distillation

We craft our gin using eleven botanicals.
Our botanicals are separated into different categories (juniper, citrus, floral, herb, spice) within the still to allow the vapours to infuse through the botanicals to create a perfect balance.  


the star Botanicals


Juniper Berries

These are the fundimental botanicals used to create a gin. Juniper berries have a pine taste with hints of fruitiness and a peppery finish.



Lemons add the zestiness to our gin, we use unwaxed lemon peel dried and freshly grated to create a stronger taste.
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Coriander Seeds

Spicy and nutty, Coriander seeds add a warm edge to our gin.



Freshly grated and dried sweet orange peel is added to our gin to create a fresher sweeter citrus finish.


Green Cardamom

Cardamom pods have a spicy citrus taste, we use the green pods as they are not as intense as the black pods, creating a more subtle finish.

The perfect serve

the serve

Take a cool copa glass and fill the glass with large ice cubes. Pour 50ml of Mill 630 over the ice followed by 100ml of premium tonic down a swizzle spoon.

Finally garnish with orange enhancing the fruit notes.

the taste

Mill 630 is smooth and distinctive gin, the initial Juniper taste gives way to notes of citrus and ginger, creating a warmth not often associated with gins.  The finished taste is dry, yet well balanced and refreshing.