welcome to our fabulous chai Gin

Chai is a spice inspired gin.
Distilled from start to finish.

The making of our chai gin

The Distillation

Our Chai gin is crafted using a collection of twelve traditional and contemporary botanicals. These; juniper, citrus, floral, herb and spice are separated into different chambers  within the still to allow the vapours to infuse to create a perfect balance. 
The gin is then left alone for a further three weeks to develop the flavour. 


India is a melting pot of culinary delights and travel experiences, this was the inspiration for our gin. 
Incorporating botanicals based on Massala chai tea creates an exciting and interesting gin, which tastes as warm and spicy as the country it was inspired by.
Drink over ice with a premium tonic or neat to savour the taste. 

Juniper Berries

These are the fundimental botanical when creating gin. Juniper berries have a pine taste with hints of fruitiness and a peppery finish.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are another ingredient associated with Indian cuisine. They bring a delicate perfume note to the gin, creating a subtly sweet floral finish.

Black Peppercorns

As peppercorns can be quite fiery we use only whole black peppercorns in our gin to give a softer peppery finish.

Aromatic Ginger

This pungent herb is used regularly in Indian cuisine as it adds a warmth and spiciness, which in this gin marries with the pepper beautifully.

Black Tea Leaves

Our black tea leaves come from the Assam region of India. These tea leaves are fully oxidized to intensify the earthy, malty flavour. They also have a sweeter finish, compared to other black tea leaves.

Star Botanicals

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The perfect

The Serve

Select a clean, cool copa glass and fill the glass with large ice cubes. Pour 50ml of Chai gin over the ice and then gently pour 100ml of premium tonic down a swizzle spoon.

Finally garnish with your favourite fruit.

If you fancy more of an aromatic finish, add a ginger tonic, or if you fancy more of a sweet finish try with a rose lemonade.

the taste

With Chai gin you experience the characteristic taste of the juniper berries followed by a collaboration of Indian aromas. The pink rose petals give an underlying soft fragrant sweetness, accentuated by the bitterness of the black tea leaves whilst the aromatic ginger fuses with the spicy black peppercorns to create a warm and enticing gin.

Garnish With:

Taste our gin.