Our creations are inspired by the world adventures of our team

There once stood a paper mill crafting fine paper for the world famous Staffordshire pottery industry, and now from the same site over a century later we bring you our fine Paper Mill gins.

Our Creations

Inspired by London

We have crafted our Mill 630 Gin using eleven classic and modern botanicals, creating a distinctive London dry gin. 

Inspired by india

Our Chai gin has been crafted with classic botanicals and further enhanced with our secret blend of Indian black tea, cracked black peppercorns, aromatic ginger and pink rose petals.

Inspired by tropical islands

This tart pink gin is the perfect gin for those who love their fruits with a sharp, tangy edge.

Inspired by Italy

Lemoncello gin takes inspiration from Italy and their Limoncello liqueur, creating a gin which is sharp, sweet and zesty all at once.

Inspired by English gardens

Rhubarb gin completes our pink gin collection. This is a simple  sweet and sour rhubarb gin. 

getting creative


Being based in Staffordshire most of our staff grew up surrounded by the pottery industry. We wanted to incorporate this into the design of our gins. As a result you will find our core range of Paper Mill gins in a lovely ceramic bottle.

Paper mill

The inspiration for our logo and label came from being based on the site of a former paper mill.  The logo represents the roof, the name and the base of the paper mill whilst the font is influenced by 19th Century Industry fonts. The label is a created using a high grade paper, reflecting the high quality paper manufactured here over 100 years ago for use in our local pottery industry.


Most of us here have at some point had a bar or waiting on job, therefore we understand the importance of serving a great drink. With this in mind we ensured the design of our label incorporates some of the botanicals which make up the gin.

  Helping everyone to create their perfect serve.