Gin trends for 2019

Gone are the days where gin was thought of as  ‘mothers ruin.’


Gins recent comeback is thanks in no small part to the huge variety of contemporary and flavoured gins on bars and supermarket shelves.

 These gins have made quite an impact and it seems each new day brings a new gin or trend for you to try. 


Whether gin will still be the ‘go to’ drink in 2019 is yet to be seen but there are some new gin trends taking shape which could definitely have an influence.


are Gin categories to be redefined?

In today’s market flavoured gins and gin liqueurs are showing no signs of slowing down their attempt at World domination.


Thanks does have to be given to these style of gins as it can be argued their differences from the gin of old is what instigated the current fascination with the current gin trends. Ironically it is these differences which could impact the gin trend this year.


Here in the UK for a gin to be a distilled gin it is classified as a minimum of 37.5% Vol.  Furthermore a true gin is juniper-led.

So this classification does beg the question, if a ‘gin’ is under 37.5% Vol or has flavourings/botanicals which overpower the juniper berries can it still be called gin?


Now don’t fret it is highly likely gin liqueurs and flavoured gins are here to stay.

But maybe the way they are categorised will change. 

make use of everything.


In a time when sustainability plays a big part in our lives the idea not to waste anything is likely to take centre stage this year in bars.


This is where great bar staff can show off their skills to the max.  If they create gins and cocktails which incorporate food ingredients that have a natural expiration date they can create something extraordinary from the ordinary, whilst doing their bit for the environment. 


Our Milk Punch takes into account this emerging trend, utilising milk and honey, both everyday ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard…ooh best check that sell by date on my milk, i think it needs using up 😉 


paper mill chai milk punch cocktail

Seasonal trends


In keeping with making use of everything, this trend (which has impacted craft ales for a while) when done well brings you some fabulously fresh, interesting tastes to drink.


So whilst 2018 saw the seasonal trend (which lasted all year) of adding berries/flavourings and colourings to gins, maybe 2019’s new seasonal gin trend will see us going back to ‘typical’ gin botanicals and real seasonal fruits and berries added to them, in the still.

Cocktails that don’t need a filter.


You’ve no doubt been to a trendy city bar and seen the futuristic cocktails; an exciting collab between science and the drinks industry. 


However times change and with fierce competition between bars for your trade their will always be something new just on the horizon. 


So what next…will it be a multi coloured rainbow infused cocktail or a cocktail garnished to within an inch of it’s life?


Easy marketing too, right? Take you and your friends with a drink in your hands, smile on your face just tagging in the bar/brand. 


Whichever cocktail you are drinking make sure it’s worthy of it’s place on your Social Media – filters barred!

colour cocktail
Image by igorska from Pixabay

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