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Staycations are the new summer holidays.

But that does not stop us from sampling cocktails from around the world.
So follow our AROUND THE WORLD FROM YOUR HOME COCKTAILS SERIES for some ginspiration.


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Staycations are this year’s holiday, so celebrate the rugged highlands with a smoky cocktail.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Whiskey tends to be Scotland, not a whiskey and gin cocktail.

But this simple cocktail is a nod to the classic spirit Scotland is famous for and it’s inkeeping with our current martini theme…

So we had to try it.


world renowned for whiskey production.


Now some may say whiskey should be drunk neat with nothing else added, not even an ice cube.

But with Scottish distilleries expanding into gin production it’s a perfect marriage. 

Simply replace the vermouth with a single malt scotch (a smoky one tastes great with the botanicals.)


Savour this Martini


A sophisticated cocktail which is to be savoured, as both the gin and whiskey should be premium. 

You can always replace our Mill 630 gin with a premium Scottish gin to be truly authentic.



smokey martini



Martini Glass

60ml London Dry Gin

8ml/tbsp Dry Vermouth

Lemon peel to garnish

A Smoky Martini is blended with gin and whiskey, nothing more, nothing less.


Mix together the gin and the whiskey in a cocktail shaker or a mixing glass (do not shake, allow to blend together) 

Take a chilled martini glass, fill with ice and pour over the cocktail.

Garnish with a rind of unwaxed lemon peel.


Emma Stanier

Brand Manager | Mother (to a fabulous daughter & a beagle)| Cocktail Lover | Sun Worshipper | Snow Angel (thanks to incompetent skiing) | World Traveller

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