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Right now it is not physically possible (thanks VR) to travel to any worldwide destinations.

But that does not stop us from sampling cocktails from around the world.

So follow our AROUND THE WORLD FROM YOUR HOME COCKTAILS SERIES for some ginspiration.

Today we visit:


Our mill630 is inspired by london.


We start our world journey right here in England, with the Martini.


is it english?


They say the Martini was invented in the 19th century in America, for a long time i actually thought it was due to Vermouth being used in the martini so taken from the brand Martini! But apparently it was drunk/originated in Martinez, California. 

so why start with the martini?

Simply because when you think of a Martini what do you imagine? Is it a tropical beach or a drink in a bar with friends?
For me it’s Bond, James Bond and what is more British than the famous Ian Fleming character? With his ‘shaken not stirred Martini – with gin of course. 
Add this classic drink to the classic, quintessentially British Afternoon tea.


dirty martini

Shaken or stirred, whichever suits you is fine, excellent excuse for more than one Martini.



Martini Glass

A Dirty Martini is simply a Martini with the olive brine added, the quantity can be increased or decreased to your liking BUT add a high quality brine to your gin and vermouth, do not ruin an already great drink with days old olive jar juice!!

75ml London Dry Gin

15ml/tbsp Dry Vermouth

15ml/tbsp Olive Brine

3 olives to garnish

For a shaken dirty martini, add ice to a cocktail shaker and pour in the gin, vermouth and brine, then shake. 


– Make sure your glass is cold before adding the drink to keep the temperature just so.



Emma Stanier

Brand Manager | Mother (to a fabulous daughter & a beagle)| Cocktail Lover | Sun Worshipper | Snow Angel (thanks to incompetent skiing) | World Traveller

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